illegal_cinema #87

Monday 7th may, at 8pm:

Marianne Derrien, curator and art critic, in charge of exhibition at Villa Médicis in Rome, proposed a discussion about video testimonies.


Galerie Dohyang Lee and Laetitia Badaut Haussman, D.R.


Films (total duration: 54 min):
Voila c'est tout by Valérie Mréjen, France, 2008, 6min, courtesy de l'artiste
Ils respirent by Valérie Mréjen, France, 2008, 7min, courtesy de l'artiste
Ask God by Laetitia Badaut Haussman, France, 2008, 4min, courtesy de l'artiste et galerie Dohyang Lee
Mike by Alain Declercq, France, 2005, 27min, courtesy de l'artiste
Le Ravin Bleu by Rémy Yadan, France, 2008, 10min, courtesy de l'artiste