illegal_cinema #96

Monday 10th september, at 8pm:

The participants of the project La Montagne d'Aubervilliers; Rémy Héritier and Laurent Pichaud, choréographers, Gilles Saussier, photographer, Marcelline Delbecq, writer and artist, Mathieu Bouvier, visual artist, the graphic design studio officeabc and Anne Kerzerho, pedagogic director of the CNDC in Angers.

They will present two films, (nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton and Juste ciel by Laura Brunellière. Those two films examine, each on their own way, the way that a still image can tell us a story.

(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton, D.R.

(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton, USA, 1971, 36min
Juste ciel
Laura Brunellière, France, 2012, 12min