Tuesday 13th October 2015, 8 pm

Twilight Zone
by Alexis Guillier

Illustrated lecture, 60 min

The project looks into the accident that took place in 1982 during the shooting of the film of the same name – the movie adaptation of the famed TV series. During a scene in a recreated Vietnamese village three actors were killed by a helicopter sent out of control by flawed special effects. In this multifaceted work in progress Alexis Guillier explores the incident’s numerous ramifications, from the circulation of images to the Twilight Zone tragedy’s implications for popular culture, the movie industry and the legal system. At Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers he will give an illustrated lecture based on the project.

Alexis Guillier, Twilight Zone, crédit : Kyrill Charbonnel / ENSAPC, 2010

Twilight Zone, Landis Segment - (Friday) July 23, 1982 - 2:20 A.M.


The Most Expensive Shot in the History of French Cinema
by Thomas Clerc

Lecture-performance, 45 min

Portrait of Thomas Clerc - © Jean-Baptiste Millot


The projet Twilight Zone of Alexis Guillier was selected by the patronage committee of the Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques that brought him support