Portraits Choisis
Saturday 10 March 2018, 16h00 » 21h00

Portraits Choisis

Samedi 10 mars 2018, à 18h

«I’ve never had choreographic ideas but I think while I rehearse. Dance is a situated practice that permits the combining of multiple bodies. It supposes routine activities that lead to familiarisation with materials. It articulates different manners of moving in the world, of inventing deviations, shortcuts, or detours. In societies marked by mutation—globalisation, immigration, neoliberalism, climate change—where all has become exploitable—work force, appearance, origins, sex—dance is likewise undergoing transformation. Taken in the movement of my own shifting orientations, I wanted to reflect more broadly on these phenomena by rendering the portrait of a city, Aubervilliers, through the practices of its inhabitants.

We conducted an eight-month survey throughout the municipality, collecting three hundred practices—professional or amateur, exceptional or quotidian—that have been edited into portraits. They are assembled in a book, Encyclopédie pratique, Portraits d’Aubervilliers —an object that can be read, leant, forgotten, bought, given, lost, found again. Through these pages one navigates a landscape of gestures and habits—invisible, social, or intimate—that constitute a city. In the solo performance Portraits Choisis, I adopt an intimate rapport with the bodies that I encountered. I embody their gestures, I contemplate the desires and the emptiness that animates them, that links the practices between them. I explore the space where the individual is constructed, where one’s own emancipation and self-exploitation occur. Finally, in the video Portrait|7 : Maryse Emel, I expose a day of studio work with Maryse Emel, philosopher and inhabitant of the city».

Lenio Kaklea



Saturday 10th March 2018, at 6 p.m.
Opening of the space for visiting the installation from 4 p.m.

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Lenio Kaklea, Encyclopédie pratique, Portraits Choisis, 2017
Chorégraphie en cours d’écriture aux Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, vue des répétitions  __  © Lenio Kaklea - 2017