Taichi Chuan class
Saturday 15th March 2014, 10-11.30 am

tai chi

Taichi Chuan class Tung style for beginners: discovery through practice of this basic form of Taichi, in 87 movements and 3 parts. Memorization and learning of movements is the main goal of this class, as well as group exercise called Tuesho and that consists in a work of contact through hands, that allows to work on the sitting, the flexibility, the listening and reflex.
Tai Ji Quan, or Taichi Chuan is a contemporary practice of well-being. Thanks to its particular gentleness and slowness, to its various possibilities of practicing, the first step of learning Taichi Chuan suits young and less young people, fragile people, seniors, or even old people. Everybody benefits from it: adjusting your own vital breathe, stretching body mechanisms, calming down emotions and mind, etc. This martial art of Chinese origins consists in discovering, mastering and putting into practice the principles of ying and yang, while keeping in mind that flexibility is superior to rigidity.

this class is proposed by David Caubère, who has been practicing for 7 years with association Parallaxis, in Rueil and Paris.

Free entrance
Days: 22/02, 15/03, 12/04, 17/05, 14/06
davidcaubere@gmail.com et 0658934122