Workshop: diversion of square 41/41
From 24th to 26th January 2014
  • workshop

Highlight and workshop with our neighbours from the association Point de Rassemblement, to develop the small abandoned piece of land at the crossroad between the rues Lécuyer and Trevet, where the association and Les Laboratoires are located. With local inhabitants and all participants, we will develop a proposition for this space, raising questions and conceptualizing answers.

Friday 24/01 from 2.30pm: do-it-yourself (stencils, seats, signage), with huge braziers, music and hot beverages to heat us up!
Saturday 25/01from 9am: coffee at the crossroad, where the surprising stroll starts, then shared lunch/pic-nic. At 2pm, work on the small park ("we harvest what we plant") and installation of the sound system and lights for the hot chocolate and cake BAL! (5-8 pm)
Sunday 26/01, Noon-2pm: re-stroll, then performance and music (2pm) and then, 3pm, conclusion-explanations-discussions!


When? 24th, 25th and 26th January
Where? At the crossroad of the rues Trevet et Lécuyer
Free participation, on inscription:
and 06 95 85 01 61