Le Journal des Laboratoires 2015 2016

The yearly publication Le Journal des Laboratoires is the fruit of the engaging events and talks that have taken place and the forms and reflections produced at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers over the course of 2015, with the artists and researchers in residency at Les Laboratoires or those invited to participate in specific events. The Journal is composed of four distinct sections, setting out the main orientations pursued over the course of the year: artist Yael Davids’s project on the distancing of geography and identity (section B), an exploration and interrogation of new practices in cinema and dance (cahier C), and learning at the heart of art’s stakes (section D). The opening section (section A) is, for its part, devoted to Le Printemps des Laboratoires, a research programme we develop every year in connection with workshops and other discussion- and performance-based public events which aim to engage collectively with a contemporary question that in our view urgently needs to be posed in the current social, political and artistic context. This year, Le Printemps des Laboratoires engaged with « Performing Opposition », or how we might use the strategies of art and performance to take hold of public and political space in order to develop an operative critical space.

Alexandra Baudelot,
Dora García et
Mathilde Villeneuve

Le Journal des Laboratoires is available in French at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (41 rue Lecuyer, 93300 Aubervilliers) and can also be downloaded on our website: http://www.leslaboratoires.org/editions

English version of some articles are available just below :

Cahier B - La distance entre V et W

Nine years, siw words, one text - by Vanessa Desclaux

Objects in Diaspora - by Yael Davids

Ghost Town - by Malkit Shoshan

35' - by Yasmin Eid-Sabbagh

Cahier C - Mouvements et Performance

Film-Performance, Lecture-Performance - by Uriel Orlow