Mosaïque des Lexiques is an all-welcome get-together on the first Friday of every month, starting 1st February 2019. 

This lively, joyfull revue is designed to bring together varying numbers of contributors: visual artists, choreographers, journalists, translators, public writers, poets, teachers, activists, philosophers, people of every stripe, unclassifiable artists, and anybody and everybody likely to be concerned with choice of words and ways of speaking. 

In short, we'll chat, translate, sing, dance and welcome in the new month each time round.

The order of the day could successively include a song, a talk, a group reading, structured or impromptu conversations, a dance performance, a multilingual debate, statistics, a speech in sign language and so on and so forth. Contributors are free to chip in once a year or from time to time, alone or accompanied, for ten minutes or an hour.

In 2019 these evening events will focus more or less generally on the following themes: "choice of words", "translation and mother tongue", "gabble and babble", "corporate speak", "social issues vocabulary", "gender and grammar", "lies and secondhand stories", "glossary of art crit and culture speak", "Alphabet", "the language of the dead", "animal language", "botany: classifying and naming", etc.

Mosaïque des Lexiques contributors include:

- Antoinette Ohannessian, a visual artist who has tried to teach animals the alphabet;
- Hélène Mourrier aka H, visual artist brought up on vectorial drawing, transfeminism and the sound of LGBT clubs;
- Gérard Lefort, Lefort, writer and former editor at the Paris daily Libération;
- Valentin Levandowski, whose main sources of inspiration are French grammar, psycholinguistics, stand-up comedy and slapstick;
- Françoise Goria, photographer and "photo-phrase participant";
- David Poullard & Guillaume Rannou, defunct tongue poker-outers bringing confetti to monumental inscriptions via posters and books;
- Pascal Poyet, poet and translator;
- Elsa Michaud & Gabriel Gauthier, a choreographer and a writer in search of an authorless subject;
- Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias, dancer, singer, explorer of signs and sign systems surveyor;
- Pauline Le Boulba, affected critic who reacts to dance by dancing and writing songs, raps, poems and essays;
- Phoenix Atala, visual artist nonetheless multidisciplinary;
- Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, artistic all-rounder;
- Olivier Cadiot, writer;
- Mette Edvardsen, language choreographer, oral transmitter of books;
- Laurent Goldring, videomaking artist;
- Fred Léal, 95% doctor 5% writer;
- Tom Johnson, minimalist composer;
- Fabrice Villard, pedagogical musician;
- Ondine Cloez, dancer and choreographer;
- Esther Ferrer, performance artist;
- Diederik Peeters, conceptual eccentric;
- Fabrice Reymond, writer-fragmenter;
- Madeleine Aktypi, artist and multilingual theorist;
- Grand Magasin, infra-disciplinary artists.


The first Mosaïque des Lexiques, intitulée « choosing your words » is scheduled for Friday 1st February at 8:00 p.m. at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. This inaugural evening will close with a dance.



images / © Grand Magasin