HORS LABOS: "Children of the Sun"
  • screening
  • debate
  • outside Les Labos

Session #120, o reservation
At Valérie Lessertisseur's studio, la Maladrerie (Aubervilliers)

Children of the Sun

Screening proposed by Adva Zakai, artist in residency at les Laboratoires, which will take place Valérie Lessertisseur's studio, in la Maladrerie.

Children of the sun, illegal cinema adva zakaiDR

The children of the first kibbutz in Israel were born in the early 20th century from young & hopeful parents. They have been nicknamed the "Children of the Sun" and were born in a utopia, destined to become men and women of the future. They were educated in an ideological society that aspired to replace the traditional family by the collective, to subjugate the will of the individual in favor of the common good and equality. "Children of the Sun" tells the story of these communities, with over eighty amateur films shot between 1930 and 1970.
In 2014 Adva Zakai and collective ABAKE will curate a series of events inside apartments in the Maladrerie neighborhood at Aubervilliers. As a person who were brought up in a kibbutz, where not only the idea of private property was negated, but also the notion of privacy itself, Adva is interested in addressing the premises of privacy we assume in our own living space and look at them again with a fresh eye. "Children of the Sun" will be the first public introduction into the themes of next year’s project and a chance to meet Adva, Abäke and inhabitants of the Maladrerie who might take part in the project.

+ projected movie CHILDREN OF THE SUN de Ran Tal (2007, 70min)
+ date tuesday 9th july, 7pm
+ place at artist Valérie Lessertisseur's studio, in la Maladrerie (Aubervilliers)