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Collective gardening (seeding, planting, watering...)

jardinage ouvert

In 2013, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers continue to host the project La Semeuse as it grows, with a dual social and artistic approach. The aim is to tie the issues the project deals with to the town of Aubervilliers and to encourage residents to question in a broad sense the place we reserve for living things in our modern society as well as the ways and conditions under which we create a life together. Within this renewal, the outdoor garden - opened in Spring 2012 - has been transformed during participative construction sessions in April, and it is being activated by a new artistic proposition. Workshops and evening-debates are regularly organized: you are welcome to participate in these collective moments of encounter, sharing and learning about gardening that will occur twice a month.

(use the greenhouse to sew your seeds or protect your plants, bring your compost into the compost bin, borrow electrical and manual gardening tools, enjoy the space for a picnic, a snack, an outdoor meeting…)

(participate in collective gardening: maintaining the garden, planting in the field; take over a plot and grow your tomatoes, herbs, flowers and whatever else there, propose ideas for changes to the garden, partnerships, workshops, activities, plantings, actions in the public space, debates, etc… and even be involved in setting them up!)

(come to the open-house days in the garden, participate in workshops for adults and children – intro to composting, making your own birdhouses or insect houses, sprouting seeds, gardening, DIY, art… - come to the monthly la Semeuse meetings for an evening’s discussion about a particular subject related to urban gardening – ecology, politics, landscape, urban setting lifestyle, etc.).


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Image: inauguration of the garden, april 2013