Episodes 5 & 6
Sunday 4th May 2014, 6pm
  • Aubervilliers
  • sitcom

episode 5

Episode 5: you can download the text here. To receive at home the three printed episodes, write to editions@leslaboratoires.org

Episode 6: this sixth and last episode takes place on Sunday May 4th, at Mr Feffer, who lives in a house next to Aubervilliers's down town.
For these live episodes, inhabitants of Aubervilliers will open their doors to the public and become new protagonists of a story told in pieces inside their apartments. One apartment will turn into a labyrinth that leads to the neighbours living-room, another will become the board of a cluedo game that no one will ever end up playing, the third one will transform into a cafe-concert… Elements of the plot will also find their way into various publications which will be distributed in the city and beyond, spreading like an urban legend and introducing new pieces of the puzzle. A fragmented novel will gradually be written and its narratives will travel through public, private, actual and virtual spaces. It will narrate a tale inspired by Aubervilliers today, but which could also belong to any other city, or even to any other time and space.
In parrallel, printed episodes 1, 3 and 5 are being ditributed throughout the city and beyond.

On reservation (only): reservation@leslaboratoires.org and +33 153 561 590 (limited number of seats)
The precise location will be given once the reservation is made.