État d'urgence, jouissance d'État
Friday 23rd September 2016, 8 pm

N/Z #2 ‘s first public event

Alban Lefranc invites Christoph Hochhäusler

Stat of emergency, State jouissance

(screening of animation images / reading of statements)


Image of Porcherie by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1969)

The state of emergency is also the State’s jouissance, or enjoyment, constantly and pervasively parading its desire for the worst, the enjoyment of stating it (“this is it, here we go!” went the text message sent by a serving prime minister on the eve of the 13th November 2015), the enjoyment of announcing yet worse than the worst (for instance, that selfsame prime minister also promised there’d be some bioterrorist attacks, and he no doubt got a hard-on saying it).

We will try and fathom these discourses, these stagings of excited power, we will try to displace them, and to articulate them with other possible images and discourses, to no longer be subjected to them, to no longer stop at our exasperation.

The existing images only prove existing lies. We want to offer new montages, other potentials, to break with the morbid fascination for the worst which seems to have become the main affect of the « country of human rights ».




Christoph Hochhäusler is a filmmaker. He has made four feature-length films (recently, Les amities invisibles, and Sous toi la ville). He is also one of the founders of the bi-annual journal revolver, which brings together several German directors to discuss practical issues relating to directing today. His cinema is marked by the question of power and domination.

Alban Lefranc  has published several imaginary lives, including one about Pialat, Fassbinder and Mohamed Ali. He also writes for theatre: Steve Jobs, corps aboli was staged recently by Robert Cantarella at the Théâtre Ouvert.

Marina Barré, teaches German and is also a French-German interpreter.




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Alban Lefranc is one of the section editors of the second issue of the N/Z journal : http://www.revuenz.fr/port_lefranc