Encounter between Bojana Kunst and Ivana Müller

Sunday November 20th, 6 pm
Encounter between Bojana Kunst and Ivana Müller: "Finally together on time"

"With the encounter between us we would like to open the next phase of the research on temporality. You are invited to visit us for two hours of exchange between us in which we will explore the temporal dynamics of encounter. What does it  actually mean to meet and work together and be together in time? We finally arrive on time and we share the space, how do we go on?"

Ivana Müller is a choreographer, an artist and an author born in Croatia. She was trained in Amsterdam, now lives in Paris, and work all over the world. She studied litterature (University of Zagreb) and choreography (School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam). She creates pieces, performances, installations, texts, pieces for Internet, audio pieces and guided tours. Recurrent issues of her work are body and its representation, the invention of the self, place of the imagination, the notion of author, and the relationship betwen the performer and the audience. Her pieces, often based on a misuse of perception or logic, are both poetic and scientific, philosophic and full of humor, intimate and political.
Ivana Müller's pieces, among which are Lovely Performance (2002), How Heavy Are My Thoughts (2003), Under My Skin (2005), While We Were Holding It Together (2006), Playing Ensemble Again And Again (2008),Working Titles (2010), 60 Minutes Of Opportunism (2010) and Partituur (2011), have been performed in many festivals and theatres in Europe, the United-States and Asia, among which: Wiener Festwochen, Theatertreffen in Berlin, DTW New York, National Museum of Singapor, Saddler’s Wells in London, Springdance Festival in Utrecht, Schouwburg in Rotterdam, HAU in Berlin, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Centre nationale de la danse in Pantin, STUK in Leuven, Brut Vienna, Kaaitheater in Brussels, etc.
Next to her artistic practice Ivana Müller curates festivals, organises debates and teaches as a guest teacher for both BA and MA level. In 2007 Ivana Müller got the Prix Charlotte Köhler for all her works. Then, at the occasion of the German festival Impulse, she is twice awarded for the "best piece", for her creation While We Were Holding It Together : award of the theatre festival-OFF Impulse and the Goethe Institut award 2007.

France Culture (10/10/2011): Ivana Muller answers the question "What is speed?" and speaks about acceleration and the need of slowing down on French radio France Culture. Click here to listen

Free entrance on reservation at reservation@leslaboratoires.org and +33 153 561 590