Born in 1990, Julie Meilleur is a mix-media artist, performer and theatre director. She is a co-founder and active member of the artist run ARC Groupe Vengeance.

Drawing from a rich and multifaceted environment, her work tackles questions of citizenship, cultural identity and mimesis by investing choreography, dramaturgy and the visual arts.

Rework, collage and alteration : as in botanical grafting, she has fun mixing primitive art references with a joke by Max Linder, telescoping a punk statement in folk tradition or even combining fitness and art history.
In 2018 she performed Ben Cross-Fit (Fresh Agency, Paris) and En souvenir de l’incontinence des grecs (l’Inattendue Galerie, Paris). In an artistic residency at the Grands Voisins (Paris, 2018), she created her own company, Nomor Drama.