June 2018

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  • EXPOSITION / Circumference of the (Common) Birds

    common infra/ctions

    cinéma Exposition micropolitics

    For the last act of their residence common infra/ctions, artists and filmmakers Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson have conceived an exhibition that bridges the two principal phases of their research into an infra-world of threshold states between forms and languages, works and tools, production and use, making and unmaking. Circumference of the (Common) Birds is a 3-screen video installation that expands upon the territories of the film Thomson and Maglioni are currently developing, Common Birds, an experimental adaptation of Aristophanes’ play The Birds, reworked in the context of the ongoing Greek and larger global debt crisis. The exhibition inaugurated on Friday 1st June will take place at Les Laboratoires until Saturday 7th July 2018, and will be accompagnied by two publics events and by exceptional activation of the Dark Matter Cinema Tarot.

    ― Exceptional activation of the Dark Matter Cinema Tarot by Barbara Manzetti Friday 15th June 2018 at 4pm at Les Laboratories ―

  • Calendars of publications

    L'usage du terrain

    From April to June 2018, the choreographer Rémy Héritier and the dance researcher Léa Bosshard have asked that the Sadi-Carnot Stadium in Pantin be transformed into a situated studio for research and practice. L'usage du terrain will develop an effective and collaborative body of research consisting as much in an « attempt to exhaust » a site in transition as in an « experiment  in preventive archeology ». Five artists will be asked to contribute to the research based on notions of spatial composition defined by Rémy Héritier's choreographic work : trace, relative spacewitnesslandmarkthreshold. At the conclusion of each of these work periods, the research will be publicly shared and put into perspective in whatever form will seem to be the most judicious at the time. These publications — as a literal means of «making public» — will be the occasion to invite a personality whose knowledge will put into perspective  the result and the process in its entirety. The calendar of these publications is available here.

  • Acquisitions récentes

    Bibliothèque des Laboratoires

    Dans le cadre des acquisitions régulières d’ouvrages qui viennent augmenter le fonds documentaire de la Bibliothèque des Laboratoires, une rubrique a été créée sur le site qui en fasse régulièrement état. Outre les publications mentionnées dans cette rubrique, l'ensemble des ouvrages disponibles constituant ce fonds (excepter les documents audiovisuels) peuvent également être empruntés dans le cadre du dispositif des fiches de convivialités.

    Pour l'heure, les dernières acquisitions présentées sont Les existences moindres de David Lapoujade publié en 2017 aux éditions de Minuit, le n°11 de Z, la revue itinérante d'enqête et de critique sociale publié en 2017 par les Editions Agone, ainsi que le coffret DVD René Vautier en Algérie publié en 2016 par les Éditions Les Mutins de Pangée.

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