Gardens in progress, in Aubervilliers and nearby
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We take the experience of six different gardens (at different stages in their development, at different levels of collectiveness, big, small, more or less participative) and share those experiences as a starting point for reflecting on how to start such projects and how to keep them going.

soirée débat la semeuse

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION! Debate and discussion groups
La Semeuse project continues to grow with the help of different groups who actively participate in the garden and its artistic and theoretical “branches”; through their work the garden is constantly evolving and changing. We are once again getting our debate-evenings underway. The idea is a monthly meeting held in the evening from 7 to 9 pm that is open to all where we can come together and discuss a subject or a project related to La Semeuse – ecology, urban planning, the place for gardens in cities, different kinds of collective gardens and how they work, edible landscaping, shared public and private space(s), gardening and an artistic practice, gardening and social involvement… Come learn about the projects, discuss them and, even better, take the opportunity to suggest subjects and ideas for content yourself. Every evening’s event can be organized around guest(s) or particular projects, films and other media, all jumping off points for a collective, cross-disciplinary discussion. The planning of these events will evolve with the different proposals we receive. We’re counting on you!


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wednesday june 19th 2013, 7pm-9pm
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