HORS LABOS: illegal_cinema #114

[screening / debate]
Friday April 19th, 19h

Friperie associative la Fripouille
12 rue Paul Bert, 93300 Aubervilliers

The Trails to Utopia
A proposition from Margaux Vigne, landscaper living and working in Seine-Saint-Denis, coordinator in charge of the gardenning project la Semeuse (exchange platform for solidarity gardening). It offers a discussion about forms of political commitment "in action".

les sentiers de l'utopie

"It is precisely when Utopia becomes unimaginable that it is the more needed." Rejecting the pessimism related to multiple crises (economic, ecological, social), Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan chose to go in search of people who try to live differently : Les Sentiers de l'Utopie is a movie and a book, born after one year around Europe. We discover 11 projects, historic (Longomaï, Christiania) or younger;highly politicized (Camp Climate Zrenjamin) or rather "relational" (ZEGG) ... Communauties, groups, cooperatives, these living and/or working  collective all have in common an attempt to build post-capitalist life forms ;  "different ways of loving and eating, producing and exchanging, deciding things and to rebel ourselves."

While the book is almost a documentary, informing in detail about the stories and actions of these groups, the film is more like a semi-fictional variation on the initiatory experience of this trip and these meetings. Set in a post-capitalist and imprecise period of time, the film gives a voice from the future to contemporary places and people, as if their proposals were possible solutions to an uncertain future.
The idea around this screening is to question its substance and its form, undoubtedly linked. Why this form, aesthetic and half fictional? Led by the images, the faces and the words, we do not know where we are, in any country, in any era, and yet we feel the adequacy and universality of the questions asked. On the other hand, should it be necessary to be "outside the world" to "change the world"? Should we start living according to our convictions in order to be relevant? These practices question ourselves : they mix together political engagement, living (and production) and economic life in a fundamentally conscious way.

John Jordan is an artist and activist, cofounder of Reclaim The Streets and the Clown Army ; Isabelle Fremeaux is a researcher, she explores popular education and creative forms of resistance. Together they founded the collective The Laboratory of Insurrectionary and, more recently, their own project "post-capitalist utopia" in Morbihan: la R.o.n.c.e (Resist, Organizing, Feeding, Create, Exist).


+ projected movie +
Les Sentiers de l'Utopie, John Jordan & Isabelle Frémeaux (2011, 109 min.)
+ date +
Friday 19th April 2013, 7pm
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