HORS LABOS: illegal_cinema #116

[projection / discussion]
friday may 31st, 7pm

La Villa Mais d'Ici
77 rue des Cités
93300 Aubervilliers (map)

Berlin Babylon
Tibo Labat is an architect and is currently coordinating the HQAC project in Aubervilliers with the artist Stefan Shankland. This approach focuses on urban projects as an impulse for artistic and educational projects around the changing city. This process starts in Aubervilliers this spring 2013 with a project on the islet Pasteur: "The World is changing art." See the construction site as a location for a plastic experience is undoubtedly the invitation made by the film Berlin Babylon.


Met by chance on the shelves of the library of the School of Architecture of Paris La Villette, Berlin Babylon is a documentary little known, despite the pharaonic means used to achieve it (helicopter views, time-lapse).
Searching on the Internet about it, very little information, but the only comment of the trailer on Youtube catches my eye: "One of The Most Underestimated documentaries ever" (Lob19). So a film which, under the guise of a documentary, will embark us on a sound and visual epic of the city construction. Flashbacks and time lapse; pictures from the sky and dives into the depths of the construction sites; scenes of laborers at work and meetings between architects and politicians, demolitions, explosions, buildings, poured concrete ; these images overlaid by an industrial music create a poetry of the city blending past, present and future changes. Strangeness and yet uncertainty about the film: independent movie, objective documentary, amazed look or criticism, the film exudes the contradictory forces of a city that is experiencing a time of intense transformation.

+ projected movie +
Berlin Babylon de Hubertus Siegert (2001, 88 min.)
+ date +
Friday 31st May 2013, 7pm
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