HORS LABOS: illegal_cinema #118

[projection / discussion]
Tuesday 18th June, 7 pm

Atelier W
6 avenue Weber
93500 Pantin

« I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members. » Quote from a Marx Brothers' movie.


For this new illegal_cinema's screening, the Atelier W, which brings together a dozen of visual artists in Pantin, offers a selection of short films. The movies reflects a certain relation to the world and a specific approach to the film medium. Starting as a recording tool, chosen films will gradually extract their way to make room for a dream that everyone will be free to reclaim. Through this program, the Atelier W opted for a dialogue that goes through the forms and not the speech.

+ projected movies (total duration : 65 min)
CANON; Norman Mclaren (4'90, 1964).
WEDNESDAY JUNE 20" (365 Day project), Jonas Mekas (5'35, 2007).
RENTRÉE DES CLASSE de Jacques Rozier (24', 1956).
WEAPON OF CHOICE by Spike Jonze ; actor : Christopher Walken ; Music : Fatboy Slim (6', 2001).
BOJANGLES OF HARLEM extract from SWING TIMES - with Fred Astaire, directed by George Stevens (4', 1936).
LETTRE À MON AMI POL CÈBE, Michel Desrois, Groupe Medvedkine (17', 1970)
THURSDAY JUNE 21 (365 Day project), Jonas Mekas (3'26, 2007).
+ date
Tuesday 18th June 2013, 7pm
+ free entry