HORS LABOS: "Torre bella" / cancelled
Wednesday 25th September; 7:30pm
  • projection
  • discussion

Screening #122 - session cancelled, will be projected later (date to be fixed)
at the Archives municipales

31-33 rue de la Commune de Paris

Torre Bela
The screening presented by Romana Schmalisch, artist in residence at Les Laboratoires, and Carlos Semedo, head of the vie associative life & international relation at Aubervilliers town hall, will take place at the Archives Municipales. They will be showing Thomas Harlan's movie, Torre Bela.


Torre Bela, huge property of the Dukes of Lafoes is occupied by unemployed workers, after the fall of the dictatorship in Portugal. The agricultural land is no longer used by the rich owner, the workers organize themselves into a cooperative effort to cultivate thousands of acres unused.
Member of the Revolutionary Committee during the Carnation Revolution, Thomas Harlan makes visible in his film the process of occupation and the gradual emergence of a collective organization, based on popular power.
With his team, the film follows the action of these rural workers — an action that seems transformed and stimulated by the presence of the camera.
The film was first shown at Cannes Festival in 1977.

Romana Schmalisch is artist in residence at les Laboratories. Her project questions the relationship between labor and art, addressing issues such as the representation of production processes and power relationships in film. Reconstructing various interconnections between these reflections, a perspective on both historical and contemporary, Romana Schmalisch tends to investigate the links between the spheres of work and art.

+ projected movie
TORRE BELLA, Thomas Harlan (81 min, 1977)
+ date
wednesday 25th september, 7:30pm
+ free entry
Archives Municipales d'Aubervilliers