illegal_cinema #117

[screening / debate]
Monday, June 3, 8pm

Mémoire des rues

The session will be presented by Elsa Kartouby, under the initiative "Mémoire des rues" by the Villa Mais d'Ici.

L'amour existe

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Villa Mais d'Ici, a local cultural center, interested in the history of the neighborhood Villette-Quatre-chemins and the problems that accompany it : the stories of the immigration, working-class neighborhoods and urban transformations. The Villa Mais d'Ici invites you to discover …Enfants des courants d'air, a fiction from Edouard Luntz, and L'Amour exist, a documentary by Maurice Pialat. Both films depict a painful and shaded daily life through aesthetics, music and high realism.

+ Movies projected
…ENFANTS DES COURANTS D'AIR, Edward Luntz (1959, 24 min). The lives of children in a slum area at the gates of Paris. The aesthetics of the images, the simplicity of the music and the dialogues accentuate the emotion that emerges from this film awarded with the Prix Jean Vigo in 1960.
L'AMOUR EXISTE, Maurice Pialat (1961, 19 min). The nocturnal images of the suburbs of Paris in the early 1960s show a critical commentary on urban planning, transport and contemporary living. First evoking the nostalgia of childhood and the search for images from the past, this activist documentary, with a high aesthetic quality, shows the boredom and emptiness of daily life.
(total time: 43 min)

+ Date
Monday, June 3, 8pm
+ Free entry
light meals and drinks served, starting at 7:30pm