illegal_cinema #119
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"The Swan song of mexicanism"*

The screening is presented by Annabela Tournon, researcher specializing in the modern history of Mexico. Movie projected with english subtitles.


Un Banquete en Tetlapayac, film-essay on one of the biggest failures of 20th century cinema: Que Viva México! Eisenstein (1931). Directed between 1998 and 2000 by Olivier Debroise (1952-2008), historian, art critic and writer of French origin based in Mexico, the film is shot on the same location than Eisenstein film in the Hacienda of Tetlapayac, a hundred kilometers away from Mexico City.
Debroise invites intellectuals and artists from Mexico, the US and Europe to participate in a symposium filmed on the model of the Sarraz Symposium in 1929. The film put next to each other passages of the dinner-symposium and archival documents, staged or commented, and themselves articulated with sequences from the film Que Viva México! Freely interpreted by the participants of the symposium. A Banquete in Tetlapayac discusses the history of Eisenstein's film and the mysterious circumstances of his shooting, the question of primitivism in art and the impact of the film in the history of Mexican cinema and its stereotypes, the Eisenstein sexual ambiguity and his erotic drawings, to somehow initiate, from this unfinished piece of movie history, a rereading of the history of modern art.

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monday july 1st, 8pm
+ free entrance
drinks & light meals served, doors open at 7:30pm

* Quote from Cuauhtémoc Medina.