illegal_cinema #40

Monday 21st of March 2011, at 8pm :

François Taillade presented Siamoiseries IV (Franck et Olivier Turpin, 1998, 4min.), Lutte II (Franck et Olivier Turpin, 2001, 55min.), Lutte III (Franck et Olivier Turpin, 2001, 2min25), Cars fight (Franck et Olivier Turpin, 2002, 4min36), Tandem (Franck et Olivier Turpin, 2005, 1min48) ; You Coated Me with a Layer of Fat (Lindsay L. Benedict, 2006, 3min35), The Ballad is intended to be danced (Lovers forced to separate at sunrise) (Lindsay L. Benedict, 2011, 6min.), Thank You Sir May I have Another (Lindsay L. Benedict, 2006, 3min52), i miss (being totally fuckin' in love with) u (Lindsay L. Benedict, 2009, 3min30) ; Sung (Nina Yuen, 2006, 7min06), Thomas (Nina Yuen, 2004, 11min22), Alison (Nina Yuen, 2006, 7min41) ; Girlfriends (Sabijn van der linden and Nina Yuen, 2010, 15min08)

© Franck et Olivier Turpin, 1997