Meeting with Yes We Camp!
Tuesday 26th November 2013, 19h
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yes we camp

"Marseille Capitale Culturelle 2013" has seen many urban projects being developped. One of them was carried out by the association Yes We Camp!
at the Estaque. Some members of the association will come share with us the initial motivations and further developments of this participative project, which proposed, on a 6500m² area, ecological and collective initiatives, new dynamic ways to inhabit the space around us. They will present their alternative housing and light architecture solutions, their "out-soil" gardens, the restaurant Ranch Poney that they created... Thus raising questions such as: what place for human beings within the diverse activities (economical, relational, environmental) that shape contemporary cities? Come, discover and debate the concret side of an optimistic urban philosophy!

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tuesday 26th november, from 19h on
+ information and +33 695 850 161

Image: Yes We Camp. DR