Mutualisation des compétences et des incompétences
Lundi 30 novembre 2015, 15h30-17h30

Pooling competences and incompetences
Workshop lead by François Deck


Creative work entails forgetting skills acquired in order to embrace the improbable. A form of accepted incompetence generates new enquiries. When the crisis reveals the limits of expertise, those who are supposedly incompetent can play a defining role by bringing those who supposedly ‘know’ to complexify their point of view. In a context in which technology is constantly reconfiguring habits and language, the ‘pooling of competences and incompetences’ brings new resources to the fore and a new distribution of decision-making. This pooling principle grounds L’école erratique’s approach. The program sets out to increase the value of problems by subjectifying them in an unforeseeable way.

This workshop is SOULD OUT. We can not take more reservation.

photo : DR


Drawing, sculpture, installation. 1992, stopped exhibiting. His work moved towards the construction of a reversible role, advising and being advised. The artist-adviser privileges situations of collective emergence. Question banks. Is open-source software a model for contemporary art? Copyleft attitude, Paris. Adviser for Grenoble urban planning agency, Paris and Rennes biennials, Skol in Montreal, etc. 2001, publication of Esthétique de la decision. Agencer l’improbable, a cooperative game in six languages, Bilbao. Since 2009 l’École erratique activates five-person sessions, Paris, Geneva, Montreal, Shanghai.
2010, publication of Brouillon general, eponymous title of an edition of pamphlets distributed hand-to hand. 2015, la première personne du singuriel, Contrat Maint. h-constitution, Optical Sound.