Open Door Wednesday / June 2012

Open Door Wednesdays
(June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, 2pm-6pm)

Every Wednesday afternoon, La Semeuse opens its doors to introduce the public to the project and its latest updates: first steps of the experimentation with the big-bags, school workshops, creation of a network of non-profit organizations and people interested in urban gardening. The public is also invited to exchange seeds, plants, and knowledge, and to discuss with La Semeuse team of further topics for "La Semeuse Tuesdays", meetings that take place every month.

Wednesday 6th June, 4pm-6pm
Sylvie Napolitano, from Auberfabrik, propose a gardening and drawing workshop, open to all (up to 12 persons). Reservation at +33 153 561 590

Wednesday 13th June, from 2pm
Guilain et Hanette (keeper at the cité des Fusains) will transfer La Semeuse plants in front of the buildings in la Cité des Fusains (Aubervilliers). Open to all! Meeting at 2pm in front of Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers.

Wednesday 20th June, 4pm-6pm
Anne Balthazard, from Auberfabrik, propose a workshop using clay and plants, open to all (up to 12 persons). Reservation at +33 153 561 590

big bags La Semeuse
Experimentation with red "big bags" in front of Les Laboratoires, July 2011. © Pauline Hurel

Seed reserve: since 2011, we collected diverse seeds from gardeners in Aubervilliers and its surroundings. The list of available seeds to be exchanged or given will be published online soon and is available at Les Laboratoires. Don't hesitate to bring us seeds!

Plant reserve: some of the seeds or sprouts that we collected were planted in July 2011, in the first 12 "big bags" of the garden. In early 2012, we gathered many other species that were platned, as well as seeds, in the garden. The growing plants available (according to their growth) for exchanges during Open Door Wednesdays.

Informations and contact:
Guilain Roussel,

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