Orties de secours #1

[performance / concerts]
saturday 6th april, 5-10 pm

Orties de secours #1
A proposal by Samon Takahashi for La Semeuse

Orties de secours

This year, les Laboratoires invites artist Samon Takahashi to work with La Semeuse. He will be doing artistic research in relation to the project and will propose a series of events with a wide variety of content related to the garden (concerts, expositions, performances, discussions, film screenings, installations, etc.). On 6 April, the new cycle of programming, Orties de secours (a word play on Emergency exit - "sortie de secours" and nettles - "orties" - in French), will begin; it will deal with issues raised by La Semeuse, offering a range of varied events through the changing seasons on the artistic and the scientific, the practical and the theoretical, the technical and the poetic.

=> From 5 to 7,30 pm

// LA SEMEUSE [work in progress site visit]
BLOC paysage and Margaux Vigne are landscapers; they offer a vision of the garden in metamorphosis, a concrete plunge into the heart of the matter, the wood, concrete, earth, crushed leaves, compost, shrubs, seeds and bamboo, with a glimpse of the possibilities for the future of the garden.

// KARIM ZEGAÏ & SHIRLEY TONG ON [performance / sign-language]
Silent herbarium: Karim Zegaï and Shirley Tong On reveal a corner of sign language's lexical field relating to plants and flowers. Karim Zegaï does a little of everything, from interior decorating to restaurant cooking, not forgetting organising cultural events. He founded the non-profit association Parisourd with Shirley Tong On to promote sign language through artistic activities.

// RENAUD BERTIN [reading and sound]
Sewing poetry: "Two years after arriving in Paris Ghérasim Luca wrote twenty-three letters, day after day, to an unknown person to be sent to an anonymous recipient selected at random by a friend." Ten years on from this poetic manifesto in 2003, Ghérasim Luca published the collection titled "Levée d'Écrou", ("Springing locks"). Actor Renaud Bertin is preparing a show based on this decisive work and he will perform an excerpt from it. He will be accompanied by musician Benoist Bouvot.

// KINK GONG [audio-conference]
Shivers in the bamboo patch: one of the most common plants of Southeast Asia used as an instrument, a sound and image presentation on Laos and Cambodia. Laurent Jeanneau is an independent ethno-musicographer based in China; from there he travels to visit minority ethnic groups and record their singular music. These recordings are compiled in his collection Kink Gong (131 CDs to date) and saved from oblivion for our listening pleasure. In parallel and still under the name of Kink Gong, he produces a series of remixes combining these musical recordings, field recordings, archives and live electronics. Kink Gong will play in Paris on 15 and 16 April at the Sonic Protest festival.

Erigeron Borealis: human beings like to create gardens and shape the environment around them to make nature more ordered; in the same way, Vesa Vehviläinen creates atmospheric soundscapes using random elements, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. But things tend to fall apart... Vesa Vehviläinen is the musical half of the duo Pink Twins formed in Helsinki Finland in 1997 with his brother Juha Vehviläinen. He composes music on stage using real and electronic sounds, noises and musical elements. Here he offers his interpretation of nature's chaotic organisation.

=> From 7,30 pm on

// Meal and celebration with music / BEN DOVER – [selection of undulating music] Final Bouquet: Matthieu Doze is first a dancer and sometimes a choreographer, but it is his clever ears that we are appealing to here as well as the talent of his persona Ben Dover, gleaner of rare, groovy, grandiose, even silly musical styles.


+ date + saturday 6 april
+ time + 5pm - 10pm
+ free entrance on reservation +
at reservation@leslaboratoires.org / +33(0) 153 561 590


Thanks to: Denis Chevalier, Franq de Quengo, Sonic Protest, Fred Arana.
With the support of the Institut Finlandais in Paris

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