OUTSIDE-LES LABOS: I am a young from Seine-Saint-Denis, so what?
Monday 25th november 2013

Screening #124
Association Logement Jeune 93
51 rue de la Commune de Paris

I am a young from from Seine-Saint-Denis, so what?
Short movies directed by youngs inhabitants of Seine-Saint-Denis, selected by Michèle Sully, co-founder of AR-fm (Aubervilliers Radio-fm) and La Clef des Arts, writer and stage director. The screening is hosted by the organization Association Logement Jeune 93.


"Through this illegal_cinema screening, I would like to oppose the stigmatizing and pejorative image of the "suburban youth," these films from great talents that many of them produce and in which they stage their reality, according to the original angles, showing a great insight and an uncompromising vision for their future, dealing with situations with self-deprecating, caustic and offbeat humor.
The selected films will explore the phenomenon of squatted lobbies, attachment to represent laziness or more serious, violent and futuristic themes."

Michèle SULLY

+ projected movies
11 movies directed by young inhabitants from Seine-Saint-Denis
+ date
monday 25th november, 7:30pm
+ place
ALJ 93, 51 rue de la Commune de paris à Aubervilliers