Transformation of the garden

[collaborative workshop]
5 to 14 april 2013, 10 am - 6 pm

inauguration on april 14th, 12am

Transformation of the garden

This spring, the planted "big bags" return, and that is the perfect occasion to occupy the garden and the esplanade in front of les Laboratoires once again; we are proposing a more plant-based layout, with a broader visual and spatial scope, more suited to welcoming people (welcoming gardening too of course but also meals, concerts, workshops...) and serving as the basis of this evolving, participative project.

outils BLOC

Come take part in the transformation of la Semeuse garden, offer ideas, get your hands dirty, learn to putter and garden or just chat, picnic and share during the participatory workshop to transform the garden, led by Margaux Vigne, BLOC paysage and the Topager association, every day from 10am to 6pm:

- from 5 to 7 april, wood building (terrace, furniture, signs, planters, pergola)

- from 10 to 14 april, planting (shrubs, perennials) and seed sewing in planters and directly in the ground, planting vegetable patches in hay bales and creating a vertical garden using plants and pallets.

- sunday 14 april at 12 noon, inauguration celebration – fanfare and participatory barbecue!


+ free entrance on inscription +
at / +33(0) 153 561 590


Photograph: BLOC, DR