Une pédagogie par la création
Lundi 9 novembre 2015, 15h30-h17h30

Pedagogy through creation
A lecture by Laurent Pichaud

Laurent Pichaud will be presenting domaine nomade, a project created at Georges Lamarque vocational high school in Rilleux-la-Pape (France) on the invitation of the Centre Chorégraphique National in Rilleux.

Twenty or so students took part in the site-specific project.

The domaine nomade project developed over the 2013-2014 school year and combined various, complementary approaches:

Creating an in situ choreographic tour of the school to be given by the students, i.e. by non-dancer bodies…

Shifting the usual, functional view of the school, both for the students themselves and the visitors, i.e., poeticising the site…

Making an artist’s residency usually approached via pedagogy into an artistic production created in collaboration with the students, i.e., inventing a pedagogy through creation.

domaine nomade au Consortium de Dijon en novembre 2013 - photo DR


Laurent Pichaud was born in Nîmes (France) in 1971. He has written over ten choreographic pieces, presented in France and across Europe. Working in the choreographic field, over recent years the question of the site of performance has become a key element in his approach — each project is tied to a specific site, and a site can itself define the subject matter of a piece. Whether dealing with ‘real’ living/work spaces or exclusive, purpose-built spaces, or even a theatre, a visual space is always considered in its totality. This brings him to reconsider how the spectator is addressed, by trying to establish an equality of presence between performer and spectator. He is currently associate professor in the dance department at the University of Paris 8 and associate researcher/artist for the Master’s programme Études Chorégraphiques, I.C.I- Centre Chorégraphique National, Montpellier /University of Montpellier 3.