Le Journal des Laboratoires is a free publication that makes visible the research processes of projects hosted at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. This format also allows a critical support and an extensive diffusion of the projects throughout their process of development.


The edition of the Journal des Laboratoires for 2017 proposes a transversal approach of projects developped during 2016 throught four large chapters, donwlaod here : Cahier A: Psychotropification de la société / Cahier B: common infra/ctions / Cahier C: Liens faibles, ghettos, expériences d'inclusion et d'exclusion / Cahier D : De terre, de champs et de corps traversés, les lieux de la danse


This edition of Journal des Laboratoires propose an interdisciplinary vision of projects hosted and developped in 2015 throught four chapters, download here : Cahier A: Performing Opposition / Cahier B: La distance entre V et W / Cahier C: Mouvements de la performance / Cahier D : L'art en apprenti

This issue of the Journal des Laboratoires is a transversal vision of projects developped and supported beetwen 2014 and 2015 throught three chapters: Cahier A: Du travail / Cahier B: Les lieux de l'art / Cahier C: DEsFIGURES TOXIQUES

Paper copies are over - digital version available


This issue of the Journal des Laboratoires echoes projects developped and supported in 2013 et 2014, through four chapters: Cahier A: Communautés performées; Cahier B: Manifestes contemporains; Cahier C: Agora, cité, contre-travail; Cahier D: Communautés de pensées et figures toxiques

Paper copies are over - digital version available

Between 2010 and 2012, the Journal des Laboratoires was published every four months. you can download them here: Avril 2010, Septembre-décembre 2010, Janvier-avril 2011, Mai-août 2011, Septembre-décembre 2011, Janvier-avril 2012, Mai-août 2012, Septembre-décembre 2012.

Issues from 2007, 2008 and 2009 are available on demand at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers.

Before 2007
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