Érik Bullot is a filmmaker and theorist. Author of numerous films between artist’s film and experimental cinema, he has recently published Renversements 2 (Paris, Paris Expérimental, 2013) and Sortir du cinéma. Histoire virtuelle des relations de l’art et du cinéma (Geneva, MAMCO, 2013). His filmography has more than twenty titles, including Jardin chinois (1999), Attraction universelle (2000), le Singe de la lumière (2002), Glossolalie (2005), Trois faces (2007), L’Alliance (2010), la Révolution de l’alphabet (2014). His work has been featured in numerous festivals and museums, as notably the Jeu de Paume (Paris), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Biennale de l’image en mouvement (Geneva), CCCB (Barcelona), Enana Marrón (Madrid), New Museum (New York). A monograph with a DVD and dedicated to him was published by Editions Leo Scheer in 2003. Member of pointligneplan collective, he coordinated the book pointligneplan, Cinéma et art contemporain (Paris, Leo Scheer, 2002). He was visiting professor at the University of New York at Buffalo (2009-2011) and at the CIA (Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas) in Buenos Aires in 2013. He teaches film at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges and directs the post-graduate Document et art contemporain at the European School of the image (Poitiers-Angoulême).