An introduction to some tubs and blanks
Saturday 8th February 2014, 2pm-10.30pm
  • performance
  • seminar
  • dinner

Arrangements de quelques coins et bords

You are invited to take part in a seminar conceived by Adva Zakai & Åbäke in the occasion of their project at Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers Le puzzle n’est pas un jeu solitaire ("Puzzle is not a Solitary Game", February-May 2014). We would love to welcome you on a visit behind the scenes and involve you in the exploration of ideas that inspire the process.

Various perspectives on private spaces will be addressed through a performance, a lecture, a reading session, a meal,  a film and discussions:
One’s own body, the appartment,  the computer, the email address – they are probably not as private as we like to think they are, but might embody unique forms of ‘publicness’ that cannot take place in official public spaces.

Throughout the day trip, themes and characters will meet in unpredictable crossroads and become a part of each other’s discourse, until new relations are formed between them. A philosopher who will talk about biopolitics might be visited by a dancer who claims that her body is a table. A lecture by an art theoretician about post-humanism and liminal spaces could transform organically into an opera song about secret house gatherings of men dressed as women in the 50’s. While an author will read stories about his 50m2 parisian apartment, an architect might interrupt his flow, and right before she’ll conclude her argument, Rod Serling will show up and kidnap her into his twilight zone script.. .

As the day progresses, we will gradually find ourselves in a scene from Agatha Christie in which Miss Marple gathers all the suspects, to unfold, in the presence of spectator-witnesses how the murder took place.  In this case, nobody has been killed yet but we are sure of one thing: it will take place in an albertivillarien living room.

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With (a.o): Abäke (graphists' collective), Adva Zakai (choreographer), Bénédicte Chaljub (architect), Thomas Clerc (writer), Gabriel Desplanque (artist), Peter Pal Pelbart (philosopher), Rod Serling (script writer), Aneta Stojnic (artist, art theoretician), Noam Toran (artist), as well as Alice B. Toklas, Gordon Matta-Clark, Alfred Nobel (cooking) and Florian Hille, Thibaut Menoux, Lorraine Ouvrieu, Laurent Stachnick (opera).

Reservation needed: and +33153561590
Fees: 5€ (including dinner)