Anne-Sarah Huet is an artist and economist. During a research trip at the University of Washington, she bumped into the bedside table where she was staying and picked up the book that had fallen to the floor — a self-help book with a ripped-off cover.

She mistakenly began reading it as a book of fiction.
Ever since she has been producing texts and sometimes images that are part of a poetic ensemble she refers to as continental fanfictions.

Langages de l'élite, 7H3 R345ON, éd. MoSs, 2020
AAA dans le pan-spectacle, in SEDONA une exposition du Syndicat Magnifique, 2019
"Félicité" de Charles O'Rear, une fanfiction française, in Grumeaux n°4, éd. NOUS, 2014
Drapeaurouge en Palouse, in Grumeaux n°3, éd. NOUS, 2013