Jean-Philippe Derail is a film editor, choreograph, performer and video artist, he lives and works in Paris.
Following an education in dance, theatre, and film studies at University Lyon II, he comes to audiovisual editing after an experience of 20 years of dancing, choreography, video dance. From 1993 to 2001, he is a full-time performer with the Groupe Kraft, he directs his first pieces inspired by the American photographer Diane Arbus. From 2001 to 2013, he develops a genre at the meeting-point of different artistic universes through hybrid forms (Do It Yourself, performance based on the roots of the punk movement - 2008). He works on the relationship between dance and cinema, concerned with how to make use of the camera as a choreographical tool (Triptyque - 2005 ; Slapsticks, a series of 11 choreographic short films - 2007/2008, Road Movie, an itinerary film in 7 stages - 2011/2013). Dancer-interpreter in several companies (Anne Lopez/Les gens du quai …), he participates in 2010 a module of Ex.e.r.ce at CCN of Montpellier. He takes part in the creation of the musical review Puttin' On a Show by Mark Tompkins. In 2012, he joined Myriam Lefkowitz around the project Walk, Hands, Eyes (a city). In 2013, and after resumption of studies in Dance Department of University Paris 8, he joined the long training "Editor, a Profession" at INA. After that, he focuses on writing and composition in audiovisual editing. Currently, he is working on several documentary projects, fiction and teasers for performing art. In 2006, he creates POST, a structure which hosts each of his project.