Peter Pál Pelbart is a philosopher and an essayist. He is a teacher at the Catholic Pontificale University of São Paulo. He translated books of Gilles Deleuze in Brasilian, and wrote on the relationships bewteen madness, philosophy, litterature but also on the issue of time, ether in the work of Deleuze, or its involvment in the clinical field, as well as in cinema or politics. He recently studied links between politics and subjectivity, in particular the biopolitic axis. His last book is Cartography of Exhaustion - Niilism Inside Out (n-1 publications). He is a member of Ueinzz Théâtrical Compagnie, a theatrical project with psychiatrist users in  São Paulo. The group did a work of research in collaboration with Alejandra Riera, São Paulo (Investigation on the/our outside) that was presented during the Documenta XII, in Kassel. He is also co-editor of n-1publications.