illegal_cinema #35

Monday 14th of February 2011, at 8pm :

Marion Oddon presented Trou de balle (Yves-Marie Mahe, 2009, 2min.), Aucun animal (Yves-Marie Mahe, 2009, 2min40), Ah larmes ! (Yves-Marie Mahe, 2008, 1min35), Black's Back (Derek Woolfenden, 2009, 12min.), Mountains made of Barking (Wim Vandekeybus, 1994, 15min16), Traumatografo (3/3) (Paolo Gioli, 1975, 8min42), et Captation journalistique (Anonyme, 2010, 3min49)

Etat-Trauma ! (by Marion Oddon)

in collaboration with Collectif négatif :