Exhausting Immaterial Labour Through Performance
Joint issue of TkH Journal and Le Journal des Laboratoires

TkH: Journal for Performing Arts Theory
is an independent publication that deals with contemporary performing arts and their critical theories. Each issue is organized around a main focus – a theoretical concept or an artistic-theoretical problem. More details and most of the issues are available online: .

Fall 2010 issue of the TkH journal dealt with immaterial labour and conditions of work in contemporary performing arts. It has been prepared in new circumstances, and was planned as a joint issue of TkH and Le Journal des Laboratoires. The aim of the issue is not only to thematise the topic of work, but also to propose, examine, and discuss its own working procedures. Accordingly, the entire work process of editing was transformed into the collective laboratory work of mobile teams in Belgrade and Paris. The laboratory work of editing has been done in public, opening a process of presentations and discussions about the written contributions before they enter the issue. The issue has been edited in May and June in Paris, and printed in September 2010, as a trilingual (English/Serbian/French) publication.
Sessions took place on May 21st, June 16th and 23d at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. The launching was organized on October the 21st.