THEÂTRE PERMANENT, Quatre-Chemins, Aubervilliers 2009 (Yvane Chapuis, dir.)

In 2009, Gwénaël Morin, with Guillaume Bailliart, Stéphanie Béghain, Fanny de Chaillé, Julian Eggerickx, Barbara Jung and Grégoire Monsaingeon, took possession of les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers to set up  their Théâtre Permanent (or Permanent Theatre). For an entire year, they developed a tool to reaffirm and intensify theatre by playing, rehearsing and broadcasting continuously. The company also presented six plays that are in the public domain the first 24 days of each month. In the afternoons the company created and in the morning held workshops for the roles. The book tells the story of this experiment through interviews with actors, group discussions, reviews of plays, articles from the press and photos.