• plateforme publique
  • juin 2015

Le Printemps des Laboratoires is a yearly invitation to the public. It was developed to be the ideal moment to bring up and debate, both in theory and in practice, the issues that guest artists at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers address. In the form of an artistic tool, it takes place over two days and includes discussions intended to be moments for sharing, performances and workshops, on different scales and in different formats. This meeting is the opportunity to break down the divide between audiences and specialists, to roll out a singular tool that encourages experiences of art and politics rather than representations of them, the circulation and comparison of ideas rather than their authoritative forms of transmission. While being a critical and artistic condensation and development of les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers project, this year’s Printemps des Laboratoires offers an opportunity to nurture research and explore a variety of current artistic, historical and critical contexts, both French and international.

The first instance of the Printemps des Laboratoires (2013), entitled "Commune, Commons, Community", raised the issue of the commons. Second instance (2014), "Ne travaillez jamais!", was about links that unite art and work. "Performing Opposition", the third instance of the Printemps des Laboratoires (June 2015) will explore the forces and shapes of the revolts that left a mark on History in the past ten years, and their role in social transformations. "Performing Opposition" will be particularly interested in practices and strategies developped by artistic performances, as well as political and civil manifestations.



In collaboration with the Kunstakademiet of Oslo National Academy of the Arts.