RIRE / LAUGH / LACHEN (Antonia Baehr)

Laugh is a self-portrait through the eyes of others. Antonia Baehr is the one laughing. She laughed and wondered as she laughed – "what exactly happens in my body at that precise moment?" Laughter then became the subject of a research project in the form of workshops, musical scores, playing of musical scores, then a show and a book. The artist is not only interested in the mechanics of laughter and its physiological components, but also in its quality as an action, an expression with no causes, a simple physical and sonorous demonstration. She also turned her attention to the parentage of this laughter. Who is the creator of my laugh? And who is the creator of the laughs of those people I imitate? The book Rire – Laugh – Lachen is an archive of this project. It is intended to be a practical piece, a collection of scores and exercises.
Texts by Antonia Baehr, Lindy Annis, Stefan Pente; interview with Xavier Le Roy.