À bras le corps is a publishing platform committed to promoting transversal and pluralistic contemporary creation. It was established in 2012 as an association, bringing together artists, critics and researchers united by their concern to present and defend scarcely publicised research and practices located at the crossroads between the performing arts, the visual arts and the moving image.


The project began as a website, abraslecorps.com, launched in October 2013, which set out to present, via texts and audiovisual documents, recent works from across all disciplines and ways of conceiving their interrelations.
In May 2014 the first issue of the journal Les Cahiers d’À bras le corps was published. Continuing the work initiated on the website, this second issue devoted to the theme of the trial combined interviews with artists (Pierre Weiss and Arnold Pasquier), texts linked to the choreographic work of Xavier Leroy and Volmir Cordeiro, as well as research papers (“L’épreuve” by Jérôme Alexandre).

The journal’s second issue is devoted to the theme of the invitation, structured around the notions of ‘making space/making room’, ‘giving a platform’, ‘meeting/the encounter’…. Once again, the issue explores a diversity of creative fields through texts dealing with the work of Ismaïl Bahri and Simon Quéheillard (visual arts), Aminatou Echard (film), Eszter Salamon and Latifa Laâbissi (dance) and the LFKs collective (theatre). Two interviews with artist Frank Smith and critic Éric Loret provide direct insights into approaches combining creation and research. This second issue is composed of very diverse forms of writing and expression including philosophical essays, critical poetry and graphic work.


Sans titre, Marie Cousin, 2015