"My dear Lygia,

I'm in Malmö and I'm thinking about you. The air is filled with iodine and the seagulls here have a higher tonality than in France. It's true that you and I don't have much in common (except maybe the "American-in-Paris" effect), but my feelings for you are very real. Let me explain: I come from a country where the sense of History is too much linked to nationalism for my taste. I'm also, like you, a Lady-Artist and I find it hard to situate myself in the history of my métier, especially because of the seasickness that is induced by this kind of nationalism that is not mine. So, my Lygia, disoriented as I am, I hereby declare my intention to momentarily link all my activities under your flag, you as a country, you as a history. Don't worry. I hope my colleagues and I won't operate in a fashion of tribute, which I would find lacking respect. We rather colonize a new territory with your head engraved on the coins. I thank you for your work Lygia, and already ask for your forgiveness, as the work we do, I, Barbara and Audrey, has nothing to do with therapy but rather with esthetic experience, as Caetano Veloso said of his experiences with you. Maybe he misunderstood? Maybe we also do. Don't worry, we'll leave the earth you cultivated in peace. What I say is probably rather obscure but I think you like it, don't you? In any case, the work doesn't take place on the page, and on that point we agree. So the month of May in Aubervilliers will be yours and ours, too. And of those who will join us. But here and now, in Sweden, I think of you and my feelings call for a relief that comes when one puts words on things. And I say those of course for my own benefit, hoping they will also touch you.

I love you Lygia Clark"

Jennifer Lacey"

Text published in Le Journal des Laboratoires (flyer), May 2010