Opening 4

December 8-9-10, 2004

Variété is the result of research on certain aspects of the Italian theater tradition (mime, puppets, itinerant theater); it is a solo performance in which the obviousness of conventions (gestureattitude- movement, character-type) is put into question. The show offers a transformation of dance through close-ups, volontary interruptions of movements, and interventions of technological devices (video, sound amplifier). In the same way, the gestual and emotional codes of pop songs are misappropriated: a voice shifts, expressions are exaggerated into grimaces…

Annabelle Pulcini : choreography and interpretation, Célia Houdart : “Lagache Smallaword” (texte-charabia) and artistic collaboration, Yannick Fouassier : lighting creation, Vincent Alaphilippe : sound treatment and original music, Cookie : sound and video studio.