September 19-20-21, 2002

In the context of “Avant travaux”, Dominique Petitgand organized three broadcasts of sound works, created especially for the Laboratoires’ premises.

Dominique Petitgand creates sound works, in which, through the editing, voice, silence, noises and music build constantly ambiguous environments that waver between a principle of reality (recording the words of people evoking their daily lives) and a projection into a dreamlike, decontextualised and timeless fiction. In the context of his stay at the Laboratoires, Dominique Petitgand proposed the realization of a book transcribing about thirty of his works, and associating the team of the Laboratoires for interviews and listening notes. He also performed three concerts during the event “Avant travaux” in September 2002, as well as a presentation of the complete series of his recorded pieces. Moreover, he conducted a sound creation workshop with Peggy Pocheux for ten non-professionals.