The Réseau Cinéma is a network of art schools committed to an understanding of cinema as both a practice and a space for reflection.

The current programme proposes a collective film project that engages with ethnographic museums and colonial gardens.

This first collective workshop will involve experimenting, on a shared film set, with several screenplays translating the work so far conducted. If the ethnographic museum and the tropical garden serve to classify, divide and rank cultures and territories via objects or flora and fauna, to what extent can cinema create approaches that go beyond these divisions?

During this 3-day workshop the students attending will attempt to operate a shift or dislocation between their research conducted in their respective towns and cities and the local Aubervilliers area. They will try to develop a scheme that would open onto what theorist Achille Mbemebe has referred to as the “anti-museum”: while the museum is “a space of neutralization and domestication of forces that, before their museumification, were alive”, the anti-museum would “not be an institution at all, but rather the figure of an alternative space, a space of radical hospitality”.

The final day of the workshop will take place in the company of artist Mohamed Bourouissa, and will be closed by a public evening event with a screening Friday 24th March 2017, 8 p.m.

With the participation of the ESAD Valence-Grenoble / Lotte Arndt, Florence Lazar, François Nouguiès, Yaël Perlman ; l'ESBA Talm (Angers) / Judith Abensour, Thomas Bauer ; l'ESADTPM (Toulon) / Serge Le Squer, Cédric Vincent ; l'ESDAMM (Marseille) / Vanessa Brito, Lise Guéhenneux ; l'ENSA-Bourges / Giovanna Zapperi ; and the ESAAix / Paul-Emmanuel Odin