Monday 1st  June to Friday 5th June

Students from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts will develop action in public space in Aubervilliers. Documentation of these performances will be shown during the Printemps des Laboratoires weekend event.

Line Møller Lyhne, with her sculptural approach to objects and material, enter into a dialogue with the area of d’Aubervilliers and its (city)landscape. She will collect trashed pieces of the road, found pavements, building site leftovers etc. and assemble/juxtapose them in poetic combinations that will have the potential of turning into small site-specific monuments of d’Aubervielliers, on-site. I would like to make monuments in a subtle poetic sense, just how, for instance, a diary can be a monument to memories. Assembled material poetry of d’Aubervielliers made of the available material resources within reach. If it goes well it will then be possible to send a postcard from d’Aubervilliers, with a little sculptural monument on the front.

Kafé Lilla Sorg by Henning Erlandsson and David Torstensson could be built up in a room or in the city or just borrow an advertisement spot. Through a welcoming attitude different people interact on different occasions in a variable amount that sometimes moves on and sometimes gets lost.

Thursday 4th June and Friday 5th June, from 11 am to 6 pm

Graph Commons, Network Mapping Workshop,
A workshop run by Burak Arikan (artist), limited to 30 participants.
Booking is required:

The workshop will focus on the design and understanding of complex networks through mapping and visual analysis in order to expand the individual’s thinking about the network as a creative medium. Starting from hand drawn simple graph diagrams, participants gradually build complex network models. Emphasis on network mapping, modeling, relational thinking, protocol authoring, centrality analysis, clustering analysis, and information design. Participants learn the most through observing and extracting networks from their area of interests, collaborative mapping, sketching, and discussing diagrams. Graph Commons is used at the workshops for visualization, group collaboration, and further sharing.

Saturday 6th June

1 pm: Lunch

4.30 pm: Break

11 am: Pratique artistique, opposition et contestation : la figure des avant-gardes et leur stratégie politique.
With Sophie Wahnich (historian), Marc Partouche (art historian) and Nathalie Quintane (writer and poet).

2 pm: “The Plot Is The Revolution”: le théâtre comme révolution et la performance comme revendication d’un espace public.
With Sophie Wahnich, Diane Scott (critique in theatre), Daniela Nicolo and Enrico Casagrande (Motus / Italy) and Marinella Senatore (artist).

5 pm: Bloggers, Hackers, Wikileakers, Whistleblowers, Youtubbers : communautés intentionnelles et réseaux sociaux.
With Marie Lechner (journalist), Mathias Jud and Christopher Wachter (artists), and Nathalie Magnan (media-activist).
And the Oslo National Academy students’ contribution: Brouillard du Nord:  Brouillard du Nord: la dépression comme forme d’opposition, les défaites personnelles et politiques comme moteur de changement.

8 pm: Musical Supper inspired by the work of Cornelius Cardew*

Sunday 7th June

1 pm: Lunch

5.30 pm: Closing time.

11.30 am: Film screenings : Paradise Now : The Living Theatre (1969) Marty Topp and Melvin Clay [ 46 mn ] ; Out on the streets (2013)  Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk  [ 70 mn ] ; Common Assembly: Deterritorializing the Palestinian Parliament / DAAR [ 15 mn ].

14h00. Occuper l’institution.
With Alexandra Baudelot, Dora García and Mathilde Villeneuve (co-directors of the Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers). Thomas Hirschhorn (artist), Renata Lucas (artist), Antonia Alampi (director of the Beirut art centre, Cairo).
And a contribution by students of the Oslo National Academy : L’artiste incarcéré, la pratique artistique dans l’institution : de Pussy Riot à Tania Bruguera.

The two days of public platforms will be punctuated by song interludes.
All contributions will be translated into French/English.
* please specify if you wish to attend the Saturday evening ‘musical supper’ (with fee of 6 €).

Free entrance on reservation : 01 53 56 15 90 and