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« I shall speak that sleepwalker’s language that would not be a language if I were awake ». Clarice Lispector

Following on from their multi-faceted work around Félix Guattari’s unrealised sci-fi film Un amour d’UIQ (Univers Infra-quark), Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson’s project for their residence, common infra/ctions, proposes to go beyond the coordinates of the film towards a broader investigation into the notion of the infra and its potentialities. 

common infra/ctions combines the idea of infraction in the sense of breaking established rules and codes, with that of infra action as a form of intervention taking place at once beneath and beyond the realm of action, on the margins of perceptibility and at the threshold of the common, a space that brings into play constellations of whatever singularities and improprieties.

The double sense of infra/ction will inform and affect Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson’s interventions and productions both at the level of the artistic protocols used and the processes triggered through such modified or invented procedures, in a movement of contraction and expansion that will traverse interconnected areas of enquiry including language (and its unlearning), micropolitical weather-fronts, idiorhythmic assemblages, dark matter cinema and infraferences.

blog common infra/ctions:

Silvia Maglioni et Graeme Thomson have opened a research blog that they will be updating regularly during their residency at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Discover some of the images, sounds texts and videos that traverse their journey into the realm of the infra.


UIQ (the unmaking-of)
light enough to see by

The first event of common infra/ctions took the form of a collective listening of visions of an invisible film: UIQ (the Unmaking-of). This electroacoustic soundwork by Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni has been activated at Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers the time of an evening, Friday 22 January 2015.

Dark Matter Cinema - Nocturnal Committee #1

For the second event of common infra/ctions, Silvia Maglioni et Graeme Thomson invit public to join the Nocturnal Committee at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers for an evening of hypnagogic projections and liminal visions. This was programmed Tuesday 16th February 2016.

Through the Letterbox

In conclusion of the reading workshop of Le Printemps des Laboratoires #4, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson have proposed an immersion in the course of Gilles Deleuze at Vincennes (1975-1976), through the screening of a new edit of Through the Letterbox, taking up a series of motifs around the theme of Psychotropification. This was programmed Thursday 7th April 2016.

One Disappear

As part of the 4th edition of Le Printemps des Laboratoires, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson have presented the screening of Disappear One, their film, at the movie theater Le Studio in Aubervilliers. This was programmed Thursday 2nd June 2016.

Dark Matter Cinema - t (OUT)e la nuit - Nocturnal Committee #2

For the second gathering of the Nocturnal Committee, summoning the tutelary spirits of Jacques Rivette and Chantal Akerman, Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson invite you to join them in an all-night-long experiment in collective hypnagogic vision. This was programmed Friday 8th July 2016.


Opening of the Center for Language Unlearning

On the occasion of the opening of the Center for Language Unlearning, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson have invited Igor Casas (sign language interpreter) to perform and electro-conference. This moment got in ahead of the presentation of a selection of the artists' ongoing research, the launch of "the l'anguish channel" and follewed by a cocktail. This was programmed Friday 14th October 2016.


Unlearning #1 : Choeur in situ
workshop with Natacha Muslera
Friday 21st October 2016


Unlearning #2 :
Unlearning privilege - talking with the disappeared
screening, reading, cooking and conversations
Workshop with Jesal Kapadia
Saturday 17th December 2016


Part of the Atelier Theatrum Mundi series of workshops under the Global Cities chair at Collège d’études mondiales, FMSH.
A groupwork / soundwalk co-led by Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson, Richard Sennett, John Bingham-Hall, Gascia Ouzounian, Matthieu Saladin.
Thursday 14th December 2017





Map, courtesy Silvia Maglioni et Graeme Thomson