Alexis Guillier, is an artist who uses illustrated talks, films, texts and installations to present narrative montages of miscellaneous materials that coexist historically but rarely intersect. His interest in the concept of indeterminacy sees him investigating the distortion and disappearance of works of art, falsification, movie lot accidents and ghost ships. Homing in on echoes and recurrences, Guillier’s research ranges over the life of images and cultural products, scrutinises imaginative functions and delves into the interaction between personal fictions and collective histories. His transmission of these narratives is self-challenging, remaining permanently poised on an uncertain dividing line between detached subjectivity and documentary lyricism.

The venues for Alexis Guillier’s talks and exhibition L’Onde in Vélizy (2015), the CNEAI centre for contemporary art in Châtou (2014, 2013), the Biennale de Belleville (2014), Le BAL in Paris (2014), the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Canada (2013), the MAC/VAL museum of contemporary art (2013), Bétonsalon (2012), the Fondation Ricard (2012), the Palais de Tokyo (2012, 2010)), CAC, Geneva (2011), Piano Nobile, Geneva (2011) and the Centre Pompidou (2010). His lecture M for Mondrian and Artless have been published by Editions BAT. His Twilight Zone project is now receiving the support of the National Foundation for the Graphic and Visual Arts. Alexis Guillier will be artist in residence at La Box in Bourges in the autumn of 2015, then at the Pavillon Neuflize OBC at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, in 2015/2016.