A collective of filmmakers and visual artists, BRÈCHES homes in on marginalised images and sounds from the fields of ethnography, art history and documentary cinema, and turns their figurative and technological conventions into critical and political wellsprings. The collective is currently working on a series of short films devoted to Roma/Gypsy memory.

Its members are:

Jonathan Larcher, filmmaker and anthropologist (EHESS/Paris). Based on his own investigations and documentary films he has shot in the Roma neighbourhoods of a Rumanian village, his research and creative work explore the epistemological, political and methodological issues raised by the arts and film archives in the field of anthropology.

Leyokki, weaver of vanishing lines, artist and spinner of filmic yarns. This graduate of the School of Graphic Research (ERG) in Brussels and of the Sorbonne Nouvelle and EHESS in Paris turns out visual essays and digital installations. Currently in residence at La Paillasse, the multifaceted research lab in Paris, he is the maker of the generative videos MtrNr#1 (2015) and p3-noLlBnR-Rth130iW1cV1 (2016) and of a series of visual analyses including Anish Kapoor: Mother as a Mountain (2015) and #wreckOfHope (2016).